A Summertime Backyard Wedding // Lake Oswego Wedding Photographer



Simple, Sweet, and Sincere -this backyard wedding was such a delight to photograph!  I had embarrasing-awful-tragic car trouble and was LATE to this celebration.  COMPLETELY mortified to the verge of tears, Stacey and Adam were nothing but sweet regarding the delay and I couldn’t have been more grateful. Once I arrived my heart stopped pounding, my anxiety ceased, and all that was left was a sweet celebration of love between this new blended family. Their new home has the most beautiful PNW backyard which gave us a variety of beautiful green dreamy backdrops and I couldn’t have picked a more perfect location for their day.  It was such a pleasure to photograph the tender moments between the new husband and wife, the casual floral deck, the flying airplanes, and all the organic details that made this day one to remember.  Congratulation, lovebirds and chicks!

Corinne + Jay // San Juan Island Destination Wedding Photographer


Corinne and Jay were married at the gorgeous woodsy Rose Mountain Lodge on San Juan Island.  Coming from Boise, Idaho, this celebration was taken with their family and friends to the perfect romantic  and relaxed venue.  The island is filled with lavender, green rolling hills, epic sea views, and the Pacific NorthWest hazy light– I cannot think of a more perfect location for this outdoors-loving couple!  Everything about the day was casual, chic, and oh-so-lovely. Corinne and her family made all the decorations, flowers, AND food!  From the tasty taco bar to the homemade berry cobbler (2 kinds for the way each of them like it) –every detail was hand stitched with rustic perfection.  Even the occasional drizzle of rain left a sweet touch.  The Bride and Groom were the perfect example of THE most heartfelt love and each and every guest felt their commitment.  The sweet ceremony, the fun dancing, and the epic laughter will forever be etched on the memory of everyone there.  I felt so welcome and grateful to take part in such a special day! 

Cadence // Hillsboro, Oregon Newborn Photographer





 This sweet little girl was a DREAM to photograph.  I doubt she was awake more than five minutes and I didn’t hear a single cry the entire time!  AND check out her SMILE.

It’s such a treat for me to enter a home when a new baby has arrived.  The kitchen is never in pristine condition, and most of the time Mom & Dad are extremely tired, but the home is so filled with awe at the new bundle of joy that it always puts a fresh perspective on life for me.  Dishes can wait, cuddles can’t.  Newborn sessions like this one are the perfect reminder.

And don’t you love her name? It holds special meaning to her musician parents and I have no doubt that their home will be forever filled with music and love.

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Serendipity Session in Renton, WA

1. occurring or discovered by chance in a happy or beneficial way. A “fortunate happenstance” or “pleasant surprise.”
My MIL asked me last week if I would take her friends from Georgia with her to Seattle and give them a little site-seeing tour. We would only be there for one day with the long drive from Portland to there and back, but I said yes and we made plans to leave early Monday morning.  On Sunday night I received a text at 9:45pm from my sweet client Erin (with the most gorgeous Maternity session ever) asking if there was any chance that I could come up to photograph her family that were all flying in the next day.  Her last twin finally came home from the NICU on Saturday, so not only was her planned family visit perfect timing to the hospital release, but my happenstance to be coming at that very time I can only define as “Serendipity”. I feel so so so blessed. I mean, how much would it suck to miss out on THIS…???

*Happy 1st Birthday* in Hillsboro, OR



 In celebration of their darling girl’s first birthday, this evening was pure icing on a cake! She completely enamored me with her smiles the entire time and she was my easiest to photograph 1-year-old for sure.  I loved getting to know this great couple and their sweet baby.  They were so calm and relaxed together and so obviously in love with her.  It is one of my favorite things to watch a Mom and Dad and their Baby interact with one another–the love is so so abundant and it really feels like I’m witnessing the purest joy that a human can feel.  Pinch me-I feel so lucky to have my job:)

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